There’s a number of reasons for this, which we will explore below in our Sig Sauer P226 … The main difference is the legion has a smoother da pull. Therefore, if you’re looking for a new firearm, this option is well worth your consideration. As part of my SIG Sauer P226 upgrade article and step-by-step video series, I sent my West German P226 to SIG Sauer’s Custom Shop for their Action Enhancement Package.On their Custom Services web page, SIG advertises the AEP as:. The MK25 seems to be much closer to the revered West German P226's than any other model. The reset again are very close but the legion is a tad shorter. Old connoisseurs of the SIG Sauer P226 will also notice that the now external extractor is designed so that it is hinged. It’s an excellent product that doesn’t need gunsmithing and parts replacements/upgrades when new to function well (an inexcusably common problem with many guns for 50+ years, getting better finally.) A common question among gun owners both on social media and off has to do with wondering whether the SIG Legion guns are worth … The line was first launched with a trio of guns including the P226 and P226 SAO but it’s continued to grow for the past three years. It's a slight difference but just enough to make it worth while. Sig intends to produce the P226 and P229 models in .357 Sig and .40 S&W too, but the timing of market availability is not yet clear. Other Legion Models. Our factory gunsmiths hone and polish critical surfaces to lighten and smooth both the double-action and single-action trigger … With the semi-automatic SIG Sauer P226 Legion pistol with its DA/SA trigger you will find neither an ambidextrous safety nor a straight trigger blade. The 9mm P229 and P226 Legion guns are first off the line, with a P226 Single-action Only 9mm gun coming later this fall. With legendary looks and unmatched performance, the Sig Sauer P226 Legion for sale is premium weaponry for EDC, competition, or home defense. And the X-Ray sights on the Legion are awesome and I love the custom G10 grips. However, if you have bigger hands and would rather get your hands on something with a larger grip, then the full-sized P226 … Available in a wide array of exclusive Cerakote finishes, including Urban Camo, Concrete, and Burnt Bronze, as well as SIG’s proprietary Legion Gray, this pistol looks as spectacular as it performs. BUT I hear the trigger is phenomenal on the Legion and I really do like the cutout on the frame and it just feels better in my hand for what that's worth. In fact, if you ask a Navy Seal, they’ll likely tell you that the best pistol available is the P226. The 229 EE is very good but the legion doesn't not have any stacking at all. The P226 is a full-sized pistol, while the Sig P229 is a compact, mid-sized pistol. I have the 229 enhanced elite as well as the 229 legion. Since the P229 has a smaller grip area, it is quite easier to conceal. The ambidextrous thumb safety is standard to the P226 Legion SAO model.