Automatic, Fast, and Safe! No Equipment Needed!

Quick Pay

Quick Payments by Phone

We offer custom Touch-tone payments, Credit Card Payment, E-Check Payments, and adhere to NACHA rules. We are PCI Compliant.

Fast Setup

1-2 Business Days Per Setup

Not Branded in Your Name

Collects your Location ID number. For a branded solution you will need our Pay by Phone service

Streamlined Order Process

This is a streamlined setup and all of the Voice Talent is already done and the System Prompts are already online.

Allows Customers without Internet to Still Pay

Users do not need Internet to Make Payment.

Collects Payments 24/7

This system is always running and can take payment 24/7 365 days a year.

Callers Enter Amount They Want to Pay

Allows caller to enter any amount they want to pay. This system does not give customers their balance due, if you need this then our Pay by Phone service is a better match for you.


System Automatically logs you in and enters your location id by recognizing the caller id our calling from.