Automatic, Fast, and Safe! No Equipment Needed!


Shop by Phone Features

– Allows payments 24/7 without live agents
– Dedicated Local or Toll Free Numbers
– Custom Prompts, Custom Branding
– Studio Quality Voice Recorded Prompts
– Real-time Payment Processing Gateway
– Supports Unlimited Concurrent Calls
– Give Callers a Product Menu
– Give Callers Product Descriptions
– Collects Product Ordered Details
– Collects Shipping Details
– Calculates Shipping Amounts
– Calculates Quantities
– Calculates State Sales Tax
– Gives Customers Balance Due
– Integrated with
– Deposit Funds to Merchant Account Daily
– Zero-Out and Live Call Transfer Available

Supports Quanties, Shipping, and Taxes

Calculates the quantity of items, the shipping charges, and the state sales taxes and then gives the caller the total amount to be processed.

Works With Every Touch-tone Phone

These are IVR Touch-tone payments, so they work with every phone out there that has touch-tones.

Handles High Volume of Caller at Once

Use for Commercials and blue screen campaigns that flash your 800 number on the TV screen.

No Data Plan Required, Just Phone Service

Does not require a smart phone or any special software or mobile apps to process payments. Works with every phone!

Phone Based Shopping Carts are Easy

Caller simply picks from a menu, selects a product, hears a product description, enters payment details, processes payment, and recieves confirmation number.